What's included with your hunt?

5 Days of Hunting

Bear hunts are traditionally in the second half of the day. Whitetail Deer and Waterfowl combo hunts are mornings only, and are available at a discounted rate since many expenses are covered in your bear hunt cost.

5 Night Accommodations

We cover your stay at a local establishment which is connected to a lounge, restaurant, and gas bar. Recently renovated rooms, and under 10 minutes from our base camp.


Although big game hunts are semi-guided, we still need to know what we're doing! Guides are experienced, local hunters and residents. Guides provide transportation to/from hunting sites, and assist from the moment you show up until the day you leave. You are in good hands. We all work normal day jobs, and take time off from work to do what we enjoy... successful big game hunts while having a bunch of fun in the process. Having said that, gratuities for your guides are not included in the hunt cost.

Game Handling

After you fill your tag, all handling, skinning, and frozen storage is taken care of for you. But don't forget to bring a big cooler for transportation. 

Active Hunting Sites

All locations you will be placed at are well monitored. Nobody will be put at a location which we don't feel will give you a great opportunity to fill your tag. Those who know bear hunting know the most important part of site activity, and we promise you that is well taken care of!

Some Food

We include breakfast with your stay, and since most restaurants are closed in our small town once you hunt is done for the evening, we provide a bite to eat when you get back to camp for the night. You are responsible for lunch, beverages, snacks, etc. 


Seriously, who believes a testimonial they read online?

If you're not convinced that we're a great option after talking to us, we'll gladly provide references who have been up hunting in recent years. We are straight shooters here, and you'll get honest answers to any questions.  

Ask for references